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Digital Signage Guide

Design Requirements

  • Digital signage screens are landscape (horizontal). Please design content in landscape orientation only. This aspect ratio is 16:9 and the pixel size is 1920w x1080h.  Files types for images: .jpg, .png.  Files types for videos: .mp4 or .mov (videos should be less than 2 minutes). Video playback will not include audio track since monitors are muted.
  • All photos and videos should be HD quality. Monitors are set to display at a 1920×1080 resolution.  TCNJ reserves the right to decline to post if an image or video does not meet the requirements.

Brand Guidelines

The guidelines below are to assist in the development of slides or videos.

  • Recommended Headline size: 40 pt
  • Recommended supporting text size: 24 pt
  • Recommended URL/Call to Action size: 28 pt
  • Avoid hyphenated words. If needed, move that word to the next line using a soft return (shift+return).
  • Do not include the TCNJ logo or any variations in your slides. The official TCNJ logo is already included in the larger display frame.
  • If you will display a URL and do not have a short, abbreviated URL that fits on one line, consider generating a short URL.
  • Font color must be a strong contrast against the background.
  • Avoid using multiple font colors within one slide.
  • The simpler the background of the layout, the more readable it will be. The color of the font and background of the content should be easy to see from a distance.
  • Too many graphics or too much copy on an individual slide can make it very difficult for viewers to read your slide clearly.

Digital Signage Locations

TCNJ has digital signage locations across campus.